Transcending Virtues (Gunas) From Darkness (Tamas) to Light (Sattva)

The Gita articulates about the three “gunas”, interpreted variously as “qualities”, “virtues”, “properties”, of which one and all consists, in various proportions. These are sattva (knowledge, harmony, clarity), rajas (zeal, activity, purpose), and tamas (unawareness, confusion, devastation). These are the three basic individualities or attributes that are present in all things, together with your body[…]

Happiness and Peace – Search within!

Happiness and peace are the states of mind. We can keep ourselves and happily contented in each situation. There are quite a few people who have restricted earnings and simple way of life, and yet, they are happy and content. And some people have large and luxurious accommodation, expensive cars, adoring families, secure jobs, and[…]